Global Nepali Network 

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) is a global organization of Nepali Diaspora which was established in 2003 after its first global conference in Kathmandu with the purpose of uniting all Nepalis living across the world. This is the largest global network of Nepali Diaspora, which is believed to represent more than three million Nepali diaspora residing outside South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) member countries.

NRNA has an international committee known as NRNA ICC (International Coordination Council) and national committees known as NRNA NCCs (National Coordination Councils). By now, NRNA has established its national chapters (NCCs) in 68 different countries including South Korea. The main motto of NRNA is "For Nepali by Nepali" which focuses for our engagements and contributions for the betterment of Nepalis living in Nepal and abroad.

The Government of Nepal has given legal status to the organization by promulgating the Non-Resident Nepali Act 2064 and Non-Resident Nepali Regulations 2066. Nepali citizens who have lived at least for two years outside the SAARC member countries or People of Nepalese Origin (PNO) holding foreign nationalities other than of SAARC nations are considered as NRNs.

Motto: "For Nepali by Nepali"


  • Protection and promotion of the rights and interests of Nepalis  residing outside Nepal;
  • Coordination between  Nepali communities and organizations to establish a strong global network among Nepali people;
  • Mobilization of knowledge, skill, capital and other resources of Non-Resident Nepalese for the socio-economic development of Nepal in cooperation with government and society of Nepal;
  • Promotion of Nepali and Nepali culture abroad;
  • Facilitation of the foreign investment in Nepal.


  • Organize regional and global seminars ,conferences, meetings for members;
  • Facilitate strong network among the NRNs worldwide Liaise with the National Coordination Council, Nepali associations abroad, government and international organizations;
  • Lobby for enforcement of  NRN friendly laws/procedures and rules;
  • Acts as a forum for the promotion and protection of the interests of the NRN community both in Nepal and abroad. Support activities involving empowerment of Nepalese to live dignified life aboard.

NRNA-NCC South Korea

An ad hoc committee of NRNA-NCC South Korea was formed in 2006. The first elected executive committee was formed after its first annual meeting in 2007 in Seoul. The fourth general assembly of the NRNA-NCC Korea was held on 11th of September, 2013 in Seoul and has unanimously elected its current (fourth) executive committee. Since its inception in 2006, NRNA-NCC Korea has been working as a common organization of various local Nepali organizations in Korea. As per the definition, all Nepalis living in the Republic of Korea at least for two years, irrespective of the cause of their stay, are NRNs. Furthermore, those who have paid registration fee of 20,000 KRW in every two years are our “general members”. Details about the membership of NRNA-NCC Korea can be read at our website under “constitution”.


The objective of the NRNA –NCC South Korea is to unite and bring Nepalis residing in the Republic of Korea under one umbrella in order to protect and promote their interest and utilize their potentials and resources for the welfare of Nepal. To achieve these objectives the association shall conduct the following activities:

  • Facilitate a strong network among the broader Nepali Communities in Korea and protect the rights of Nepali people living in South Korea;
  • Promote Nepal and generate support for its interest in countries of their residence and at international organizations;
  • Facilitate and attract NRNs towards foreign investment in Nepal;
  • Strive to create conditions conducive to investment by the NRN in Nepal and the utilization in Nepal of the talents and skills of the NRN;
  • Foster closer co-operation among the NRN communities scattered in different parts of the world; and
  • Function as an international forum for the promotion and protection of the interests of the NRN communities both in Nepal and abroad.


Nepalis in South Korea

The first wave of Nepali immigration to South Korea began in the late 1980s. After Nepal restored its democracy in the 1990s, labor laws were changed to allow Nepali youths to go abroad in search of work.The Nepali community in South Korea thus consists primarily of migrant workers, but also has large numbers of students, along with businesspersons and married immigrants. Since it is not that easy to know the exact  number of people with Nepali origin living in South Korea, it has been estimated that there are between 23,000 to 25,000 Nepalis living in different parts of Korea based on the information provided by the Korean immigration office.